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Ormus book Layout 1 7/12/09 AM Page i. OR M U S: M OD E R N D AY ALCHEMY Primer Of Ormus Collection Processes. ORMUS Elements Modern Day Alchemy with Barry Carter. Chris Emmons The Little Book of ORME (Free download) Biological Transmutation (Free PDF). ormus modern day alchemy - bing - free pdf blog. | just - david hudson ormus modern day alchemist is ormus safe ormus forum 1 2 related.

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Ormus Modern Day Alchemist Pdf

read on-line ormus modern day alchemy in our web site. get the book in pdf, word, txt, alchemy primer off ormus collection processes pdf, ormus modern day. Ormus Modern Day Alchemy - [Free] Ormus Modern Day Alchemy [PDF] [EPUB] Ormus. Modern Day Alchemy pdf. Ormus modern day alchemy. Why you should read this book? This Ormus Modern Day Alchemy Pdf is actually fascinating to check out. This is why the factor for individuals wish to enjoy for.

Emerald Tablet Throughout the ages what was the desired object of those practicing the "art of alchemy? What material caused philosophers, such as Nicholas Flamel, to devote their life to its discovery? This substance is nothing less than grounded in the possibility of nature and is the very spirit and the soul they felt resided in organic matter, stone, metal and water. Alchemists called this the "essential salt" of the material, and for students of the secret sciences its collection began after decomposing the subject, "opening" the source matter, and releasing its "essential salt. The Hermetic Tracts of true masters were valued and veiled: their understanding was carefully hidden within metaphors and their methods listed non-chronologically. It is no surprise that over time many of the old writings became lost or concealed in private collections or else forgotten. Here in one book are clear, detailed explanations of time-honored Ormus collection processes. Including chapters on the history of Ormus, information about the Ormus material and descriptions of miscellaneous Ormus collection processes. During the 's and 's David Hudson, an Arizona agriculturist, discovered ORME orbitally rearranged molecular elements and found these materials shared characteristics of that "essential salt" sought by alchemists. The knowledge of ORME is a wondrous bridge between the ancient work of the masters and the world of new possibilities. ORME material displays amazing effects on plants, animals and humans. Others were inspired by David Hudson's results and merged "philosophical processes" with his methods. The offspring of this work also displayed astonishing characteristics and beneficial traits to plants, animals and humans. This is Ormus. It is considered to contain the same material that David Hudson found and the same material that alchemists described as the "spirit of the source.

Please do not use this book if you are not willing to assume the risk. Telephone numbers, prices and web sites listed in this book are accurate at the time of publication, but they are subject to frequent change. Lye is often at the center of Ormus collection chemistry and is present as a liquid solution, dry crystals or sometimes pure sodium metal. The symbols contained in the emblem include the Ouroboros, Triton, seawater, sand, air and pyramid; and each provides insights into Ormus and its collection processes.

Seawater is a widely used Ormus source material and there are Ormus collection processes utilizing sand. In addition, Ormus is also found in the air. The presence of the pyramid hints at the antiquity of this knowledge and generates a feeling of connectedness to an ancient past. Ormus collection is part of the great work and has been defined by Paracelsus as the ability to control, purify and transform nature by the living power of the spirit sic: found in all things.

The symbol for the great work is a circular snake or spiraling dragon devouring its own tail and termed an Ouroboros. This symbol presents a picture of the circle of alchemy, and the steps in Ormus collection processes follow such a circular path.

Ancient alchemists have said: What is now dry must soon become wet. This mirrors modern day Ormus collection where steps involve a wet followed by a dry followed by a wet. Additionally, among several different Ormus collection processes, there are steps shared with those of other processes all in a circular and seamless manner. Therefore, this Emblem symbolizes the great work performed during Ormus collection and a fitting cover for Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy.

A group of essential minerals previously unknown to modern science. Why were they unknown?

The Official Ormus Book, ORMUS Modern Day Alchemy

Because they did not show up in common scientific tests. What kind of minerals? Minerals like gold, silver and platinum - but they are in a different form; and in this other form, they are not toxic. We are discovering they are very common in plants, animals, air, soil and water. How is it beneficial? It appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body andspirit.

Appendix I Appendix II Appendix III Appendix IV Appendix V Appendix VI Appendix VII Appendix VIII Appendix IX Appendix X Appendix XI Appendix XII Appendix XIII Appendix XIV Appendix XV Appendix XVI Appendix XVII Appendix XIX Appendix XX Appendix XXI Appendix XXII While mining for gold on his land, he noticed some associated metallic minerals that exhibited very unusual properties.

Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to isolate and work with these strange materials. In , he was granted several foreign patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them.

During the early s, He toured the United States giving lectures and workshops about what he had found. ORMES are metallic microclusters in a non-metallic state consisting of one or more atoms which Hudson felt were in a high-spin state that endows them with unusual properties such as superconductiv-ity, superfluidity, supercurrent or Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation.

ORMUS can be thought of as the natural non-metallic seed of the metals or what the alchemists called their "First Matter.

So far the list of metals known to exist in this special state are cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold and mercury. All these ORMUS materials are abundant in volcanic soil and seawater and can also be found in biological systems.

ORMES have proven to be extremely beneficial to plants and animals, and people who have taken ORMES report many healing, rejuvenating and spiritually enlightening effects.

There is considerable evidence that ORMUS was known by metal craftsmen and alchemists throughout history who referred to this grouping of metals as the "noble metals. Pharaoh Akhenaten is said to have built a laboratory for the production of white powder of gold in the Sinai desert near a mountain that was a source of the ore and other raw materials. However, according to David Hudson, the Egyptians named the monatomic material "white powder of gold" because they could not detect the other metals.

Hudson suggested that some modern methods might be similar to descriptions of the production of manna or the "food of the gods" found in Egyptian texts and the Bible. Over the years, many newer methods of ORMES collection have been discovered that allow the general public to participate in an ancient tradition to which only high priests, pharaohs and alchemical adepts were granted access in the past.

The problem has been that ORMUS collection techniques have been scattered in private researchers journals and books or shared with colleagues in private discussions. To make matters worse, the methodology varies greatly from simple to complex, from kitchen-friendly work to sophisticated lab work.

My friend and colleague Chris Emmons is the perfect person to complete this important work. Sharp-witted with a penetrating mind that stays focused on truth until she finds it, Chris is the epitome of the alchemist dedicated to exposing the hidden essences of substances.

Chris has not only organized accepted methods of ORMUS collection, but she has put them in perspective to one another, grouped them according to their methodology, and shown which methods are the most useful under differing circumstances. This work is not only a breakthrough in the sharing of ORMUS knowledge but also a powerful catalyst to new research and new horizons in understanding this mysterious and miraculous substance.

ORMUS: Modern Day Alchemy

Dennis William Hauck www. Ormus collector, record-keeper, Pharmacist and Author www. I gratefully acknowledge Barry Carter and his tireless efforts that have been instrumental in creating a vibrant global Ormus community. I, as well as most, would not have had an introduction to Ormus if not for his work.

Acknowledgement is given to the work of David Hudson. Without his efforts in these modern days, the knowledge of something such as Ormus would have remained veiled. I acknowledge the contributions made by many in the Ormus community through books, conversation, web sites, personal e-mails and information shared in forums that were joined or found while surfing.

Also a big thank you to my good friend Dr. Dan, who suggested the basis for the title: Other contributing researchers requested anonymity. Special thanks to B.

Joy McGinnis for the idea of clearly detailing Ormus processes in a published manual. Thanks go out to the special ones whose lives have crossed the path of this manual and touched its final style and format. These include the other contributing researchers, Latitude 25 Writers Club, Dr.

I also imposed on knowledgeable Ormus alchemists and researchers to review sections, and they took time from their busy schedules to help.

When Cordell learned of Ormus he began consulting me. His input during the publishing process was a great help. Luise Johnson is a gifted artist and the covers of the book reflect this talent. Jim Eleczko is a member of the Ormus community and a knowledgeable webmaster.

Ormus Modern Day Alchemy

Both the Ormus book and I are fortunate that Jim stepped forward to build the ormusbook. I thank my husband David for his continuous support and providing encouragement when needed. I also acknowledge my father, who taught me to think analytically and passed from the physical world during editing. And I cannot forget to thank you, the reader, for through your interest in Ormus lies the possibility this material may never be forgotten. Finally, I must acknowledge and pay my respects to the Ormus itself - which is in our world and the Cosmos.

Thank you. While Ormus collectors highly value these processes, the world, at the very least, may liken them to home science projects. After all is read and digested, indications point to a few processes considered best for most Ormus collectors. A reconstituted sea contains natural sea salt dissolved in distilled water. With this information, the average Ormus collector can place Ormus collection processes in perspective and focus first on recipes considered by many to be the most useful.

For a thumbnail overview of the Ormus collection processes see appendix VII. Section Four lists other traditional Ormus processes whose Ormus source material is always dry.

To help the reader mentally collate the processes quickly the word dry is included to reinforce that dry Ormus source material is used. My focus has been detailing the most common collection processes used by the Ormus community. For easy comparison between processes, there are seven sub-sections of information presented in each chapter: Therefore, each chapter first lists these appendices.

This is the first step in a purification process that begins with the Ormus collector. An old alchemical treatise contains this warning: Let him be charitable, and let him enjoy constant tranquility, so that his mind be lifted up. For, unless it be kindled with the beam of the divine light, it will hardly be able to penetrate the mysteries of nature. Therefore, the involvement of the spiritual level is one way to explain the difference between conventional chemistry and alchemy.

The difference between these two sciences was explained in by the prominent English chemist of the time, H. Stanley Redgrove: For the alchemist did grasp the fundamental truth of the Cosmos. The Life is the real thing; the external form is merely the house in which it resides.

De Pestilate Therefore, the Ormus collector brings himself to the work as an active part of the process and if the individual is not including the spiritual level in the work, the effort is more akin to mainstream modern chemistry and not ancient alchemy.

Albert Einstein came to a similar conclusion and said the following regarding spirit: In 5 minutes a small white alarm clock sitting on a white nightstand will create a volley of sound. The clock sits within a darkened room next to a white bed where a matching white pillow rests under shaggy dark golden blonde hair framing a sleeping face.

If the small white alarm clock had feelings, it might be sorry it was soon to awaken the sleeping figure. The clock sits quietly, among many white items in the room.

White is everywhere and this room exemplifies an artist's study in color. White coats the furniture, phone, chair, blinds, lamps, doors, carpeting, drapes, curtain rods and a ceiling fan attached to a white ceiling. All the white objects in the small room blend with bright white linen that dresses a king bed. The bed is raised a full foot off the floor and lies under a white featherbed while a white feather comforter drapes it and visually meshes with layered levels of white dust ruffles.

This bundle of white is the centerpiece in the room and its oversized outline emits a brilliant white radiance. One concession to the color white can be seen in the pale peach walls whose hue adds a restful feeling to white's feeling of stillness. The clock knows the secret importance about this room: The little white alarm clock feels badly, knowing that in one minute it will again send her from such a space.

My dark brown eyes have opened. With hardly a moment of transition to the world of wakefulness I swing my legs off the bed onto an unnoticed bright white rug. Silencing the clock, I move as rapidly as a sleep-fogged mind allows, out of the room and towards it all. Today is a repeat of yesterday. The workday officially begins at 9 am and spans 12 hours in the busy environment of pharmacy.

However, if I can get this brain moving into higher gear, I can, for another day, also accomplish some of my work around the house. Before leaving for work my day is tasked with finishing a load of wash, cleaning dirty dishes, feeding and maybe loving on the pets, making a lunch and possibly, if I am not distracted, watering those plants on the back porch.

Ormus Modern Day Alchemy

I am very aware that I will return home when it is dark outside, just as it is now. Therefore, these two and a half hours are important to me as I plan to balance the needs of home with those of work. Hmmm… I have worked consistently and diligently for so many years. I am a weathered human being.

I experienced one alcoholic parent and as a five-year-old child, the unexpected loss of my mother who left a financial legacy that flowed through me and into a dysfunctional and newly formed stepfamily created to receive it.

I survived the emotional experience, graduated Ormus book During the years I have lived through some events of personally epic proportion. Two hours later, the house chores almost complete, I stride towards the car and begin the drive to work.

I am a conscientious methodical person who thrives on precision and accuracy and I approach the pharmacy department with the mental alertness of a general analyzing an upcoming battle and the tenacity of a foot soldier determined to make it through with my way of being intact. There is keen awareness of the many missteps that can occur during the day, causing it to turn painfully frustrating. I have been in the health profession for 32 years. The work days are 12 hours and contain an array of constant, rapid action and never ending challenges as the needs of everyone press into me concurrently and come with concrete time frames and deadlines that mark the day and that I truly desire to meet.

The list of the everyones is very long: These happen when any of the everyones is not satisfied. For example: A jovial friendly customer, being very happy with the birth of a long awaited firstborn son, approaches the counter carrying three prescriptions. He stopped being happy when he saw his bill, refusing to believe his insurance had been terminated. Be the first to ask a question about Ormus Modern Day Alchemy. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

Sort order. Sep 14, Iona Stewart rated it it was ok. I found these to be extremely obscure and difficult. I give the book 2 stars instead of 1 star since it does seem to contain a wealth of, presumably valuable, information.

But for me it was useless. I understand, however, that Ormus can be downloadd ready for use, though the quality of some of these products may be doubtful. View all 4 comments. Jennl rated it really liked it Apr 20, Epsylonic rated it really liked it May 03, Momo Millan rated it it was amazing Sep 05, Tyrus Goodrich rated it liked it Nov 26, Christine rated it liked it Jul 06, Jane rated it it was amazing May 09, Jonathan Cabiya rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Alexandre Martin rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Jason rated it it was amazing Nov 16,

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